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Beautiful DIY Bathroom Pallet Projects

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We use our bathroom every single day. As a matter of fact, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in our house. Therefore, we should decorate it in such a way that it is not only aesthetically pleasing, but highly functional as well.

The use of pallet boards in decorating your toilet or bathroom is a good idea. In fact, if you are saving money, you can turn to pallets when it comes to beautifying your bathroom. Here are some of the most beautiful DIY bathroom pallet projects you can try at home.

Bathroom Wall

Pallets Ideas

Give your bathroom a cozy and romantic feel by installing pallet planks on the wall. For this project, you will need to disassemble various pallet boards. Afterwards, cut them into pieces in order to come up with wooden planks. Finally, nail the planks into your bathroom wall and stain or varnish the wood to give it a beautiful finish.

Towel Holders


Build a shelf out of pallets if you want a stylish way to organize the towels in your toilet. After you have disassembled the pallets and come up with planks, grab a hammer and some nails. Then start building your shelf, similar to the design above. You can also use the shelf in storing toiletries and other bathroom necessities.

Tissue Holder

Recycled Pallet Ideas

One way to save money in your toilet remodeling is to use pallets for your toilet paper holder. In fact, this design is one of a kind, that it will surely make your toilet to stand out. This will require a bit of DIY skills, but the process should be easy.

Toiletry Holders


One of the best ways to organize the toiletries in your sink is to create small boxes out of pallets, which you can use to hold those toiletries in your bathroom sink. Use the left over pallet planks from your other pallet projects in building these small boxes. Aside from using it to hold toiletries, you can also use it to organize hand towels.

Mirror Frame


A bathroom would not be complete without a reliable mirror. Make your bathroom mirror look even more stylish by framing it with pallet boards. You can also have a shelf built at the bottom of the frame, which you can use to organize toiletries. Aside from the usual square frame, you can opt for other shapes, such as round, oval, rectangular, etc.

Sink Cabinet


Instead of buying an expensive sink cabinet to install in your bathroom, take inspiration from this idea. Build a cabinet using your pallets and top it with a ceramic bowl that will serve as a sink. This design will however require professional intervention for the plumbing, etc.

Magazine and Toilet Paper Holder

Pallets Designs

If you are fond of reading magazines while using your toilet, then this design inspiration is perfect for you. This magazine holder made of pallet doubles as a tissue holder. You can also use the space above the tissue holder for your scented candles.

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