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DIY Pallet Backyard Fence Ideas

Having a fence in your backyard comes with many benefits aside from aesthetically improving your home facade. However, installing a commercial fence these days is extremely expensive and may not work well if you’re on a budget. If you’ve always wanted to build a backyard fence but don’t have the money to spend on a […]

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Different Ways to Use Pallet Boards As Garden Planters

If you have a garden in your backyard, however, you are lacking planters to grow some of your plants, then consider the use of pallet boards! Whether you need it for a vertical planter, herb planter or a garden raised bed, repurposing pallets to be used as garden planters is definitely a great idea. Aside […]

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DIY Pallet Stair Sets

If you have access to several pallet boards, consider building stair sets out of it. By using high quality pallets to build stairs, you will not only save money, but you also get to help minimize the waste in landfills. Whether you are building stairs for the outdoors or you need some ladders for use […]

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How to Use Pallets As Wedding Decors

Shabby chic and rustic charm is among the most common wedding theme these days. One of the most important details when it comes to these themes is the use of reclaimed wood accents such as pallets. It’s cheap and effective, and is definitely easy to work on. So if you’re in the process of preparing […]

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Use Pallets to Build Sandboxes

If you have little kids who love playing with sand, then you may want to consider building pallet sandboxes. As you know, those sandboxes from toy stores and shops come with a hefty price tag. Thus, if you are trying to save money, you better make use of your creative skills and build the sandboxes […]

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Brighten Up your Outdoors With these Colorful Pallet Benches

If you’re fond of staying outdoors, you will love the idea of building colorful pallet benches. These benches are so charming that they can brighten up your dull looking porch. Moreover, these benches are also perfect for your patio, deck and even in your backyard. You can also build a table to go with the […]

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6 Inspiring Outdoor Pallet Furniture Ideas

Yes, it is definitely possible to build outdoor furniture using pallets. In fact, there are plenty of outdoor pallet furniture ideas out there. They are not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing as well. Moreover, most of them are easy to build and can make for a perfect DIY project. They are great for your patio, […]

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Two Creepy and Cute Pallet Projects for Halloween

Fall is now upon us. Get into the season with these two Halloween projects. Whether you want the creepiest or cutest yard in town, one of these pallet Halloween decorations will be right for you. Spooky Pallet Cellar This one creepy pallet grave is sure to frighten even the most seasoned haunted house enthusiasts. Believe it […]

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Make Your Own Patriotic Pallet Flag

Most Americans love their country, and who wouldn’t want to show their patriotism with a beautiful pallet flag? Both classic and easy to make, this pallet flag is the perfect fit for any American home. What You’ll Need You will need a few items to make your all-American statement piece. Before you jump in with […]

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3 Simple Pallet DIY Signs for Your Interior or Exterior

Simplified pallet art is all the rage. The 2010s are an era of minimalism and pop colors, but buying home decor from retail stores can be expensive. You may not even find something that suits you! Fortunately, there is no reason to settle in 2017. With the right instructions and the right tools, you can […]

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