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3 Simple Pallet DIY Signs for Your Interior or Exterior

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Simplified pallet art is all the rage. The 2010s are an era of minimalism and pop colors, but buying home decor from retail stores can be expensive. You may not even find something that suits you! Fortunately, there is no reason to settle in 2017. With the right instructions and the right tools, you can easily make your own pallet art at home.

1. Monogram Pallet Art

There is nothing more personalized than a monogrammed piece of decor. Fortunately, creating such a work of art is much easier than you would think! You will need only a few things to create your very own monogrammed pallet art:

  • Pallet wood
  • One large letter stencil in a letter of your choice (you can find this at most arts and crafts stores)
  • Small letter and number stencils (optional)
  • Border/decorative line stencils (optional)
  • A saw
  • A small paintbrush (the size is important for little details!)
  • Wood paint in a color of your choice
  • A sanding block
  • Scotch tape
  • Ruler
  • Binder twine or thin rope
  • Two nails for hanging
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Wood glue
  • A hammer

Step One: Saw three pallet panels off just an inch past the middle nails. If you prefer that the nails are not visible, you will have a smaller monogrammed sign and you will need to cut off both ends where the nails are located. Glue boards together and let dry.

Step Two: Next, and the uneven edges so your edges are clean.

Step Three: Now, center your large letter stencil using your ruler and tape it down as tightly as you can. This is to assure that the stencil doesn’t slip as you fill it in with paint. If you are adding text or designs beneath it (such as the decorative line beneath the “H” and/or the “est. 2011” in the sample photo), be sure to leave enough room for these details. After taping down the letter, fill it in with paint, being careful not to let and paint pool beneath the stencil. If you are adding small text below or above the letter, tape down your stencils evenly, using the ruler again, and fill them in with paint just like you did with the large letter.

Step Four (optional): If you are adding extra details, such as the decorative line, add them now. This may entail free-handing the design. If you are not adding extra decorative elements, you may move onto Step Five.

Step Five: Cut pieces and twist binder twine or rope into two small loops and hot glue to the back of the monogrammed wall hanging. Now let dry.

Step Six: Hammer two nails into the wall where you intend to hang your new work of art. Once hammered, hang your monogrammed pallet art.

Step Seven: Admire it!

Now you have a personalized piece of art for a minimal cost! Your friends and family will be elated when they see this beautiful art in your home.

2. Quirky Arrow Pallet Art

Some wall art requires more hand-painting, but if you have a little bit of an artistic edge, it is well worth the time! These funky arrows are the perfect way to invite guests into your home.

 You will need:

  • Pallet wood
  • A saw
  • A sanding block
  • Varying colors of wood paint
  • A wide paintbrush
  • A small paintbrush (or paint pen)
  • A pencil
  • Scissors
  • Several nails
  • A hammer
  • Binder twine or thin rope
  • Hot glue

Step One: Saw five pallet wood planks into 12-inch ends. Sand ends until they are clean to the eye.

Step Two: Next, paint wood in the colors of your choice using the wide paintbrush. Let dry.

Step Three: Pencil in varying arrows in opposing directions, adding dots and differing feathers/designs so each arrow has its own uniqueness.

Step Four: Then, carefully over penciled in arrows using the small paintbrush or paint pen. Now let dry.


Step Five: Cut pieces and twist binder twine or rope into one small loop per arrow. Hot glue to the back of your arrow planks. Let dry.

Step Six: Hammer nails in place where you would like to hang your arrows. Hang your arrows by the binder twine loops.

Step Seven: Show them off!

Colorful and fun, these pallet arrows are the perfect addition to your home.

3. Home State Pallet Art

Where you come from is one of the most personal parts of yourself. Whether you’re from Alaska, Michigan, or California, you can show your state pride with just a few materials:

 – Pallet wood
– A saw
– A sanding block
– Wood stain (optional)
– Wood paint in a color(s) of your choice
– Scissors
– Scotch tape
– A small paintbrush (for edge details)


– A medium paintbrush (to fill the middle)
– Binder twine or thin rope
– A hammer
– Two nails for hanging
– A computer, a printer, and heavy paper such as photo paper or cardstock
– Star stencil (optional)

Step One: Saw three to six pieces of pallet wood to the desired size of your wall hanging. You may use pieces with or without nails.

Step Two: Then, find a map of your state and print it out.

Step Three: Then, cut the state out carefully, assuring that you make a perfect cutout. If you struggle cutting from the middle and have to start at the edge of your piece of paper, use scotch tape to assure that you have a perfect stencil with no open edges. Keep both the stencil and the cutout, as you will need one or the other depending on the style of sign you would like to make.

Step Four: If you are using wood stain or paint and would like a different color of paint for the state, you may stain or paint the entire surface. If you would like to stain or paint the area around the state, leaving a natural wood color for the state’s silhouette, tape down the solid cutout and paint or stain around it, careful not to let it pool under the cutout. Let dry.

Step Five (optional): If you have decided to paint or stain the board and have a different color for your state, tape down the stencil and line the edges with your small paintbrush. Fill it in with the medium paintbrush, careful not to let it pool under the stencil or tape. Finally, let dry.

Step Six (optional): If you would like to add a small star to give a shout-out to your hometown, place your star stencil and fill it in with the color of your choice. Let dry.

Step Seven: Cut pieces and twist binder twine or rope into two small loops and hot glue to the back of the wall hanging. Let dry.

Step Eight: Next, hammer two nails into place where you would like to hang the your state art.

Step Nine: Feel the state pride!

Who doesn’t want to show off their home state? Now you can remind all your friends and family where you’re from–and that you’re proud of it!


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