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4 Smart Ways to Recycle Pallets for Use In the Garden

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There are so many ways in which you can recycle old pallets and come up with useful items for your garden. Recycling pallets come with several benefits. Aside from helping to save the environment, you also get to save money when it comes to beautifying your garden. So with the help of some basic tools and other materials, here are 4 smart ways on how you can recycle your pallets for use in your garden.

Rainbow Colored Planters from Hello Creative Family 

This DIY pallet planter is so easy to make. Simply paint the pallets with your favorite rainbow colors. Apply a layer of varnish and leave it to dry.

Decide where you want your flowers to hang and drill holes in these areas. Attach worm clamps on each of the holes and hang your potted flowers!

Aside from flowers, you can also choose to hang potted herbs and other plants on this beautiful DIY planter. And instead of the rainbow colors, you can also choose to paint it with one color that you like, such as bright pink. Place the planter in your garden or at your patio.

DIY Garden Fence by Morningchores.com

Building a garden fence out of pallets is so easy. Simply gather your pallets together and arrange them in such a way that they will line up equally together.

You can use 4 – 6 pallets for this DIY garden fence. Feel free to use more pallets if needed.

Install each of the fence in such a way that they will surround your garden. Once you’re done installing the fence, create a door using one pallet, enough for you to pass through.

You can choose to paint the pallets if you want, or leave them bare.

DIY Pallet Trellis by Mike’s Backyard Nursery

If you are growing some crawling plants or vines in your garden, then you will most likely need a trellis. The most cost effective way to come up with a trellis is to use pallets. The process is easy depending on how big the trellis that you will need.

Lay the pallets into the floor and lay one of the stakes at the bottom. Screw the stakes into the board so it goes as far as possible into the soil.

Bury the trellis into the soil in your garden. It should be right beside the crawling plant or vine. You can also use this trellis indoors, by placing it in a container.

Pallet Raised Garden from Recycledthings.com

Another smart way of using pallets for your garden is for a raised bed.

Simply gather your recycled pallet woods. Cut down four similar sizes of woods. Paint the pallets or leave them bare.

Arrange all four pallets in such a way that they will form a square. Install them in your garden and start growing your vegetables or flowers. Do the same thing for the other pallet woods. You can come up with as many garden beds as you can.

As you can see, recycling pallets for use in the garden is so easy. Each DIY project will not even cost you more than $20. Just make sure to select high quality pallets that are still in perfect condition.


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