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5 DIY Pallet Bookcases

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If you are a bookworm, then there’s a good chance that you have plenty of books lying somewhere in your house right now. Looking for a place to store them might be one of the challenges that you are faced with. The good news is that there’s really no need for you to spend lots of money for a new bookcase. You simply need some recycled pallets and you should be able to build bookcases out of them. Check out these DIY pallet bookcases for your inspiration.

1. Beautiful and Simple Pallet Bookcase

This pallet bookcase may seem so simple but it looks really stunning. It’s made of upcycled pallet boards that were sanded and cut into uniform sizes. This bookcase is capable of accommodating plenty of books and you can also use it to store other stuff too. You can leave it bare or paint it with a color of your choice. It might require a lot of effort to build since you still have to cut the pallet boards, but it’s definitely worth all the effort!

2. Colorful Pallet Bookcase

Make your bookcase look quirky by adding some color to it. This colorful bookcase is a great inspiration. It even comes with a decorative edging that makes it look even more attractive. You can hang it on your child’s bedroom wall or in your living room. Aside from books, you can also use it for framed photos and other decorative pieces. You can paint the bookcase with any color that you want. This DIY pallet bookshelf is fun and easy to make, well, except for the decorative edging that would require a bit of skill and time.

3. Pallet Bookcase for Kids

If need to build a bookcase for your kid’s room, then this would be a great idea to follow. This cute and colorful bookcase is capable of accommodating children’s storybooks and magazines. It even comes with cute sayings and quotes. This pallet bookcase is also ideal for schools and nurseries that would need shelves to accommodate the student’s books.

4. Single Pallet Bookshelf

From the name itself, this bookshelf is made from one single pallet. But even if this is made of one pallet only, it could accommodate plenty of books. In fact, you can also use the shelf for other things, such as framed photos, vases, and other decorative pieces. The bookcase has the same color as that of the wall, which was painted in white. You can choose to paint it in bright colors to make it look quirky and cheerful and in order for it to stand out from the wall!

5. Floating Bookshelf

If you don’t have a lot of books to keep, then this single floating shelf should do. This is made from a few pallet boards that were treated and stained and attached into the wall. You can choose to have a single shelf or have two of these shelves placed on top of each other. For this design, however, you need to place a stopper on both sides of the books in order for them not to slip over. Nevertheless, it’s simple and stylish and will surely look great in your living room wall!


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