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DIY Study and Computer Desk Made of Pallets

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One of the most important pieces of furniture that kids should have in their room is a study desk or a computer desk. They need the desk for studying and for preparing their homework. Without a reliable desk, your kids may not be motivated to study and do well in school.

You don’t really need to spend a lot of money for a new desk. If you’re blessed with DIY skills, you can simply build one of these DIY pallet kid’s computer and study desk. It should not take much of your time. Plus, pallets don’t cost a lot of money. In fact, you can find them stacked in dumpsters. You can also purchase them at a minimal price from a local distribution center.

Do you need ideas for a DIY pallet study and computer desk for your kids? Check these out.

Simple Pallet Desk

This pallet desk might be pretty basic, but it should be enough to provide your kids with a reliable desk where they could study and work on their homework. You can also build a matching chair to go with the table. And instead of leaving it bare, consider painting it with any color that suits your kids’ study room. In order for your kids not to have difficulty in writing on the table, you may want to place a solid hardwood on top of it. That should help to prevent things from falling while your kids are doing their thing.

Pallet Desk With Drawer

It’s not enough that you give your kids a desk – you should also give them a place where they can store their books and other stuff from school. This is also a great way to teach your kids to organize things. When it comes to this, this pallet desk with drawer would be a great idea. As you can see, the desk comes with a spacious drawer below that should be enough to accommodate your kids’ things. If you have more pallets left, you can also create a separate shelf where they can arrange their books.

Corner Pallet Desk

Are you concerned about the limited space in your child’s room? If so, then a corner desk would suit you best. This corner pallet desk may be spacious but it will not take up a lot of space since it only occupies the corner space. The desk also comes with a chair and there are a few shelves below the desk as well, which is a great place to organize your kids’ books and other stuff!

Pallet Desk with Top Shelf

Another way to keep your kids’ things organize is to build a pallet desk with top shelf. As you can see above, this simple study desk comes with a shelf that can be used for keeping books and other things, such as alarm clock, picture frames, etc. You can also place a lampshade on the shelf. That way, your kids will have enough lighting when studying at night.


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