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DIY Interior Living Room

Easy DIY Pallet Floating Shelves – Beautiful and Economical

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So you’re thinking of decorating your living room but you need some shelves where you can hang stuff. Unfortunately, buying new sets of shelves these days could cost a lot of money, most especially if you’re buying those fancy floating shelves.

A more economical way of decorating your living room is to install floating shelves that are made from pallets. Thankfully, there are plenty of DIY pallet floating shelves that you can use as inspiration for this project. They are beautiful, economical, and space saving! So are you ready to tackle this DIY project? Before you do so, you better check these out for your inspiration.

Simple But Beautiful

If you want the easiest way to make your own pallet shelves, then this would be a great idea to try. All it actually takes is to nail the pallet boards directly to your wall. The pallet is then painted and that’s it! In the photo above, the shelves are painted in white, which camouflages in the white wall. If you want the shelves to stand out, consider painting it with a color that contrasts the color of your wall. For instance, if you’ve got a white wall, you can perhaps paint the shelves in black or other bright colors of your choice. The shelves might look simple, but they are absolutely beautiful!

Pallet Bookshelf

If you need a floating bookshelf where you can organize books and magazines, this would be a great idea to try. This DIY pallet shelf will not take up much of your time. As you can see, it only requires modifying a pallet board and then hanging in the wall. This bookshelf is capable of accommodating plenty of books and magazines. It can also work well for your kids’ room. As you know, kids own so many books and if they don’t have a place to keep them, this could definitely lead to clutter.

Pallet Kitchen Shelf

Do you need a shelf for your kitchen where you can organize spices and other kitchen essentials? Then check this kitchen shelf out for your inspiration. This DIY project requires dismantling the pallet boards and using the pallet blocks to build a whole new shelf. Sure, it might require a bit of effort, but it’s definitely worth it. Make sure you include hooks at the bottom as well, where you can hang your beautiful coffee mugs. You can leave it bare similar to the photo above or give it some color if you want to.

Rustic Pallet Shelf

A rustic themed interior requires a rustic shelf. In this case, this pallet rustic shelf would be a great shelf to build. To achieve the beautiful weathered look, the pallet boards must be stained. Using a hammer and some nails, you can start building the shelf with the photo above as your guide. You can attach as many shelves as you can on the board and include some hooks as well where you can hang keys and other small items. This floating shelf will absolutely look beautiful in your living room.


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