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25 Pallet Christmas Decors to Deck Your Halls this Christmas

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Now that Christmas is fast approaching, everyone seems to be rushing out to purchase a new Christmas decor. For those who do not want to spend a lot of money for their Christmas decoration, the best option is to turn to recycled pallets. So here are 25 ideas to keep you inspired in creating your own Christmas pallet decors this coming holiday.

1. Quirky Snowman

Would you want a quirky snowman to welcome your guests this Christmas? This snowman painted pallet is a great idea to consider if you want an attractive Christmas decor on your entrance door.

2. Red Pallet Christmas Tree

Although Christmas trees are usually green, you can make your own unique Christmas tree by painting it in red. After painting the tree, write down Christmas wordings to make the tree look even more festive.

3. Rustic Christmas Sign

This pallet decor is so easy that you could get it done in less than an hour! Simply create a perfect square out of your recycled pallet boards. Paint it in white and decorate with a wreath.

4. Christmas Tree with Lights

Make your pallet Christmas tree to stand out by decorating it with lights. Aside from the lights, you can also deck the trees with other ornaments such as Christmas ornamental balls, and of course, a sparkling star at the top!

5. Colorful Pallet Wreath

This is another great idea for a Christmas wreath made of pallets. Simply cut down several pieces of pallet boards in different sizes. Paint them in bright colors and arrange them in a circular shape similar to a wreath. Attach a ribbon and hang in your door!

6. Simple Christmas Tree with Ornaments

Depending on your DIY skills, you could get this tree done in a couple of hours only. Although the Christmas tree above is painted in white, you can opt for a more festive color such as green or red.

7. Wall Christmas Greetings

If you do not have enough time to dedicate on your DIY Christmas decor project, then this design would be a great idea. Simply attach the pallet boards together and you can then start painting Christmas greetings on it.

8. Painted Santa Claus

This painted Santa Claus is ideal for those who are blessed with skills in drawing and designing. You can even make this fun project along with your kids!

9. Christmas Gifts

Another cute and quirky Christmas decor is by creating gifts out of pallets. Aside from painting, you can also use real ribbons to tie on the pallet board gifts to make them look like real gifts!

10. Christmas Tee with Greetings

This is another beautiful design to take inspiration from for your pallet Christmas tree. Simply arrange the pallet boars to form a tree. Paint the tree and include any wordings or design that you want.

11. Ornament Christmas Tree

This DIY Christmas tree project is very easy to make and will not take up a lot of your time. You just need to make use of as many ornamental balls to form a Christmas tree in a pallet.

12. Colorful Christmas Tree

To make this DIY pallet Christmas tree, simply cut pallet boards in different sizes and paint them in different colors. Decorate the tree with lights to make it look even more enchanting.

13. Wooden Advent Tree

Instead of buying an advent calendar for your kids this Christmas, why don’t you create a wooden advent tree using recycled pallets? Use this design for your inspiration.

14. Christmas Table Centerpiece

Wow your guests with this table centerpiece made of pallets. Create a box out of your pallets enough to fit the candles. Decorate with conifers and place in the middle of your Christmas dinner table.

15. Rustic Trees

These cute Christmas trees would make for a lovely Christmas decor in a rustic themed home. Decorate with buttons and other trinkets to make the trees look more festive.

16. Colorful Advent Calendar

This is another great idea for creating your own advent calendar using pallets. It’s so easy to make and your kids will love the bright colored and numbers and decors in it.

17. Rectangular Snowman

This is another cute and quirky snowman to decorate your walls this Christmas. This decor will not take up a lot of space too, so it’s great for those with limited spaces at home.

18. Rustic Snowflake

Another sculptural uptake in the use of recycled pallet for your Christmas decor is this snowflake. Hang or prop this snowflake up into your door, a great way to welcome guests.

19. Wooden Candy Cane

Your Christmas decor won’t be complete without a candy cane. So cut your pallets into a rectangular shape and shape it into a candy cane, then paint it with stripes of red.

20. Greetings with Light

This Christmas greeting may look simple, but the twinkly lights above have made it to look cheerful. Decorate it in your entrance door or perhaps, give it as gift!

21. Colorful Letters

Another way to welcome the Christmas season is to use these colorful letters made of pallets. If you have enough time to dedicate on DIY crafts, come up with a Christmas greeting out of these letters and decorate in your front yard.

22. Star on a Pallet

This is perhaps the simplest way to use pallets in creating Christmas decors. All you need is a ribbon to form a star and attach into a rectangular pallet board.

23. Reindeer In a Mantel

For this decor, the silhouette of a reindeer head is glued into a painted pallet board that makes for a cheerful decoration, perfectly placed on top of a mantel.

24. Welcome Mat

A cheerful way to welcome guests into your home this holiday is to create a mat out of recycled pallets. Simply paint the boards with red and green, and add some Christmas greetings and decors, such as snowflakes.

25. Festive Candle Holders

Brighten up your home this Christmas season with these festive candleholders, which you can decorate outdoors or right at your patio. Simply create rectangular boxes out of pallets. Paint them in red or other Christmas colors and pour some sand inside. Then place your candles above the sand.


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