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DIY Pallet Backyard Fence Ideas

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Having a fence in your backyard comes with many benefits aside from aesthetically improving your home facade. However, installing a commercial fence these days is extremely expensive and may not work well if you’re on a budget.

If you’ve always wanted to build a backyard fence but don’t have the money to spend on a commercial fence, a cheaper alternative would be to build your own using pallets! A DIY pallet backyard fence is a great alternative to commercial fencing since they are durable, cheap, and can even be acquired for free!

If you need ideas for a DIY pallet fence, check these out:

Simple Pallet Backyard Fence

This backyard fence might look pretty basic at first glance. It’s made from solid stained black pallets with wide boards. You can prettify the fence by hanging some flowering plants in it. This fence is a great idea if you want to have a modern and stylish fence that can keep small pets away from your garden or yard. The best thing about this fence is that it’s super easy to build!

A Touch of Color

This is another simple garden fence that can be easily built using a few lengths of pallet boards. However, this design incorporates a playful use of colors. If you wanted to add some character to your backyard with less effort, then this would be a great idea. Pick 3 – 4 of your favorite bright colors. Grab a paintbrush and enjoy painting your pallet backyard fence!

Pallet Fence Planter

If you’re planning to install the pallet fence in a garden and you need more space to grow your plants, consider building a fence that can double as a planter. Take inspiration from the fence above. Pallet boards were built to accommodate some plants and are arranged beside each other to serve as a fence. This DIY project is so easy and should not require a lot of your time. Above all, it requires the use of a few pallet boards that should not cost you a lot of money!

Pallet Fence with Art

If you’re blessed with artistic skills, then take advantage of that skill to pretty up your pallet fence. For instance, the photo above shows a basic fence made from recycled pallet boards. It was painted with colorful sunflower design, which made it look even more attractive. So brush up your creative skills and come up with any design that can help to enhance the overall aesthetics of your backyard garden.

Double High Pallet Fence

If you need a tall fence for your backyard, then this would be a great idea. Simply arrange the pallet boards on top of each other and paint it with any color that you fancy. You can also leave the boards unpainted if you want to. This DIY pallet fence is enough to keep your backyard protected against animals and other intruders. What’s more, this project is extremely easy! You just need to acquire multiple pallet boards depending on how tall you want the fence to be.


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